Christmas Craft Fair -come along and check out my creations

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One Bead – Several Different looks

Zebra jasper is an interesting bead. In the photos below you can see how the same bead can look completely different depending on the design of the piece of jewelry and the other beads it is combined with.

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Giving to a good cause

I have donated several pieces to various auctions/good causes. Most recently I gave a couple of pieces to Wild Ark, an animal rescue organization. This is what was said about the person who won the silent auction bid for one of my pieces (it made my day):

The lady who got the olive stone necklace  was so excited – she was in a wheelchair and had to have someone put the necklace on her at the event because she wanted to wear it right away – it was a very sweet moment, and everyone clapped.
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Lots of new items for Christmas

I was out of town for a few weeks without TV or internet, so was I able to work away  on my jewelry. I was fortunate enough to have a lot space to spread out all my supplies and to keep them out without having to pack them up each night. I hope you enjoy some of the new pieces. Keep checking this page as I’ll continue to add the 65 + new pieces daily until the craft fair.

They will be for sale in Victoria on Saturday November 17th 10am-4pm at the Scandinavian Craft Fair at Norway House, 1110 Hillside Avenue.

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Rainy weather leads to creativity

It seems that Victoria has forgotten that we are in late spring and almost in summer. It feels like fall so I stayed in last Sunday and had some fun making a few pieces. I hope you enjoy them. I had been to the town of Chemainus where the local bead store was having an anniversary sale. What fun I had buying elements to work into my pieces.

I bought the silver clasps I’m using through an online source. Although they add significantly to the cost of the piece, it certainly adds to the quality of the pieces, so is worth the extra money.

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Jewelry sets

I bought some new beads a few days ago so this time I chose to make sets consisting of a necklace, earrings and matching bracelet. Two of the necklaces use Botswana agate, with a completely different look. One has honey jade with some brass findings and a decorative clasp that can be worn at the back of the neck or the front of the necklace. The other Botswana agate is a shorter necklace and is combined with magnesite discs.

I had knitted a piece of viking knit using magenta wire so thought I’d combine it with the rhodenite and some crystals and silver findings to make a necklace. For the bracelet I just used the rhodenite and crystals so it would fit nicely on the wrist.

The amethyst chips make interesting pieces as no two chips have the same shape. I love the silver coloured flower spacers as well so repeated the look in the bracelet and earrings.

When I was away over the weekend I thought about making a necklace in two parts, then bringing them together with a bead, and continuing in two parts below the bead. My first attempt at this can be seen in the pink necklace below. Most of the beads are glass or plastic and there are some pearl pieces as well that show well in the close up shot. Naturally I had to make some earrings to go with the necklace.

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I’m back at it

I have fond childhood memories of the Calgary Stampede so I made a couple of pieces for the 100th Anniversary of this world famous rodeo. Then I  made a few other viking knit bracelets and a pendant with a kilt pin. Just having fun.

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