It was a Good Friday

I had a very nice Good Friday working with white howlite teardrops, honey jade (that actually look more white than honey colored) and some black sardonyx. I put each necklace together with the use of  three different kinds of chains and different clasps. I like having earrings that match my necklaces and with the black sardonyx I did a complete set: necklace, two different styles of earrings and a bracelet. Then I put some clasps on a brass chain and added a few coloured spears for some fun. The chain is so lightweight that you don’t even feel it when it’s on.

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April 1 and my creative juices were working for me

I haven’t made much of anything lately, but I had some ideas today so started to work. I got so carried away that the day flew past and then I had to force myself to stop and to remember to eat. But what fun I had!

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Helping a Friend Out

A friend has a really nice key chain from Turkey that needed fixing so she asked if I could fix it for her. What fun! Now I’ve made a couple of key chains of my own, but since my supplies were out on my work station, I had to make some other things as well.


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Two of my favourite colours

I love turquoise and as red is my favorite colour, red coral, amber and turquoise are the perfect combination to work with, especially on a blustery day. One of the big appeals to me with the coral and turquoise are all the irregular shapes. They are nice to the touch and each bead is unique.

The necklace combines Viking knit, agate, coral and turquoise with sterling findings.

The Viking knit bracelets are made with colored wire and glass beads. I am learning that I do NOT have to start and finish a piece on the same day, and as my wires  and tools are easy to transport I can “knit”  anywhere and assemble the pieces at a later stage.


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Blue mood – well turquoise to be more accurate

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I am addicted – but it is a healthy outlet

I am loving making jewelry and getting my long lost creative juices flowing.

I had another class on the weekend and as I was the only student, we got a lot done. I didn’t learn much that was new, but got some good hints on how to have the finished pieces look more professional.

I know down the road when I look back on my early pieces pride will go out the window and I will appreciate how much I have improved. But now it is practice, practice, practice which is fun, fun, fun, but ca-ching, ca-ching.

Please feel free to post a comment.

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Staying cozy and warm on a blustery day.

Before I start to make anything, I have to design it. This process can be challenging and not everything I think will work has the end result I want, so then it’s back to square one before putting it all together.

I made two bracelets with the Larimar Blue Crazy Lace Tube beads, one using the linked style and the second is a threaded bracelet so they look completely different.

I had a lot of fun with the Olive stone and sodalite necklace, but it took me several iterations to get the finished result shown below.

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